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Love it but...

Hey Quizlet, Love this app it is helping me so much throughout exam studying:). Just one thing: I wish in the app you could make a copy of someones set and edit it for yourself without messing up their original so that you can remove things you dont need or add things. That would make this app 5 stars for me. Just a thought:)

Great app for school teachers

This is an amazing app to study with. You can even act like your taking the test. Great

Great app

Works well as expected with sync and plus features worth cost.


I like it but sometimes I want to research any flash cards and this is not possible. So I also want Italian as language in Quizlet. Thank.

Helpful app

Really useful to learn vocabulary. Love it

I love this app

I love this app so much and it helps me a lot, I would love it if it had more games and more ways to study though but anyways its great


I am using it to study Russian, and it is perfect! Thank you!

Fantastic for all learning types

I used to write things over and over again for memorization, and I was never a fan of flashcards but this app hits it out of the park. I dont even use this app for the flashcards. The "Learn" and "Test" functions are total life savers. I had to memorize over 100 10-codes and core values in a week for Police Academy and this app let me do it. Give it a try, save a tree, and use this for your flashcard needs


Best study app ever it was a life saver

I dont like typing on "learn" setting!

I love Quizlet. I live by it! It has helped me get through SO many exams, BUT I just recently got it on iPhone. I like to to the learn feature so that cards I have difficulty with repeat themselves until I master them, BUT I DO NOT LIKE HAVING TO TYPE IN THE ENTIRE ANSWER EVERY TIME!! Its so annoying and frustrating!! I should be able to read the term, answer it to myself, flip the card over, and then mark whether I got it correct or incorrect. I should NOT have to type out the entire definition over and over again. PLEASE at LEAST make this an OPTION!


I am currently a middle school student and I used to ve really bad with vocab tests! Now they are easy and simple with this app!


honestly i have no complaints. Quizlet is my go to study method and the learn option is really helpful.

It is good, but they need to add some things

I like this app, but it would be great if they had more pictures and you can change your username more than once.


It is kinda super boring they need more games to help us study more

Horrible, you cant upload images without paying 20 bucks . .

Pretty much a crap

Would give 10 if I could

Quizlet really helped me with my Italian class and definitely helped me study for quizzes, tests, and vocabulary. It makes flash cards for you, and the little game really helps you remember your words.

Best app!!

Its great to help you study, I hate studying trust me Ive never studied in my life until now. I dont know if its because Im on a phone and doing it, like technology wise being the reason, but Im enjoying it Im studying my Spanish and math and Ive never felt smarter I highly recommend this app to anyone who is as lazy as me and hates to study

Quizlet is great!!!

The only thing that is an issue is accent marks when it comes to spanish vocab and you have to be precise with wording when it comes to doing the tests. Other than that, I would 100% recommend this app!!

I love Quizlet, but sometimes I dont love the app

Im doing this to report problems because they have been an issue for me for a while: whenever I click the "star" on a flash card it does this weird thing where it always scrolls up to the top automatically. Then I have to scroll back down if I want to click the star on another card. This only happens with the last 6-7 cards but it is very annoying. Secondly, and this one is even more annoying, whenever I type in an answer that is very long, I cant see what Im typing. Then whenever I get it wrong (because I couldnt see what I was typing) it shows you the right answer but again the last part is cut off and I dont know what I got wrong. This seems like a major bug, and it is a major issue for me because when I study I have long answers. Please fix this!

Quit asking me my language!

This app is wonderful, and has zero bugs. My only issue: Allow me to specify in the settings what language I speak! Quit asking me every new quizlet what language I am typing in... clearly I am typing in English.

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