Quizlet Flashcards App Reviews

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Easier and funnier to learn lessons


No French ...

Sooo cool

This app is really great to learn lessons


Cest en chinois, jparle pas chinois donc ??

Good, but no french user interface ! Why ?

My rate is only 3 because always no French user interface.


Needs Apple Watch support!


It has helped me to study for my tests


Is a fun way of learning things quicker

So good!

Such a fun and interactive way to study with Minimal effort :) this is a study must have !!


Beste Flash Card App so far


Hilft mir total

Helpful app

Really useful to learn vocabulary. Love it

Amazing App!

This app is great for studying! Better for small vocabulary quizzes but I more than often use it for taking big notes too. They should make it a more smooth process for writing bigger descriptions for the term, sometimes it can start to get a bit tricky to type. However, I highly recommend this app! Great tool to have for school!


My teacher, Mrs. Parliament-Taylor told me to download the app, i have not done that yet, but i am sure it is a really great app because a name like quizlet it should be pretty good. 5/7

Great app

Very useful !!

Great way to study!

I usually find studying boring but when I found out about quizlet online, this has really help me learn faster and has way more fun of learning, the quizzes on the test are challenging, but very enjoyable. I have made my first quizlet last night and I am so happy how it turned out, I also love the fact you can search and see other peoples quizlets and be able to save them and use them to study as well! Thank you its a great web and app!

Great For Studying!

This app is great as it easily lets me learn important terms for tests and assignments. It actually motivates me and steady unlike other apps Ive tried which have made me shy away from studying. Absolutely fantastic, no problems I have noticed so far.


I love everything about the app, but I was wondering if a feature could be added to insert pictures to help when you have to label things


This app is great so far!!! Its really amazing how I can study with different tactics. Please, add highlighters and more like that stuffs, so I will be able to highlight, and to be able to BOLD, UNDERLINE, and ITALICS. But overall this APP is great!!!!


Quizlet is perfect for studying anything at all! Would recommend

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